Smoke Machine Hire Melbourne | Includes Built In Light Show | Multi Colour Fog Machine


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Smoke Machine Hire Melbourne

$49 | THREE (3) days hire for the price of ONE (1)

All smoke machines come with in-built lights so now you can turn your party into an interactive smoke and laser show in one.

Smoke machines can turn any space into an atmospheric wonderland that will amaze kids and create incredible photo opportunities for social media.

Creating completely safe, natural and 100% non-toxic dry ice your little one can have a custom entrance to their party like their favourite wrestler or sports star. Create a Frozen-inspired winter wonderland for a princess on her special day. Or, use at adult gatherings to turn living rooms into buzzing dance floors.

You can bring home the special effects of a blockbuster movie with a rented smoke machine today.


Where there’s smoke there’s…

No smoke machine is complete without a set of disco lights to create a gyroscope of colours splashed brilliantly on your walls. Choose from either built-in blue light or RGB to customise your colours. Or, upgrade to a disco lights set  for even more dazzling results.

Our commercial-grade smoke machines can create the exciting atmosphere of a rock band on stage, but when paired with a set of external party lights you can make your home sparkle like the Melbourne CBD. Your guests will be up on the dance floor and busting a move in your very own dance-a-thon.

Each smoke generator comes with one hour of fog solution FREE. Simply add more solution to increase fog output and create a thicker carpet of smoke.

Save big on a smoke machine with three (3) days hire for the price of one (1).

Please Note: You can turn off the built-in lights for a standard white fog machine.

Perfect for wedding dance floors

A rented smoke machine can provide a romantic backdrop for weddings and special events with a soft haze of smoke turning milestone moments into unforgettable memories. A first dance, a 21st birthday entrance bursting through a sheet of mist, a creative interactive adventure for kid’s parties – a little smoke goes a long way.

Creating your own blanket of fog is also a powerful way to introduce presenters, MCs and special guests without spending big. When paired with bubble machines  or snow machines  you’ll have the power to create stunning visuals at your next party or event.


All Smoke machine systems are available for THREE (3) days hire for the price of ONE (1)

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