Petrol Power Generator 3.2KVA


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3 Days Hire for the Price of 1! This petrol generator will provide you with 5 hours of electricity at a peak rating of 3.7KVA and normal running of 3.2KVA (in English, 3200 watts of power). Its one of the most quiet on the market and supplied with a long extension lead so you can keep it away from your fun, whilst still enjoying modern life!

Very easy to start and run as this high quality generator has electronic fuel injection, so no need for carburettors that tend to cause trouble. Enough fuel for 5 hours running time is included in the hire, you just return it and we will refill it for no extra charge. You can also add on an additional 5L fuel supply in a handy fuel can when ordering.

Perfect if you want to have a popcorn machine and fairy floss at a park, fete or some other location where you just dont have access to conventional power

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