Chocolate Fountain Hire Melbourne | The Choc-A-Holics Dream

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Chocolate Fountain Hire Melbourne

From $79 | THREE (3) days hire for the price of ONE (1)

Introducing a chocoholics paradise…your own mouth-watering chocolate fountain!

Melty, runny, gooey chocolate adds a touch of class to any event. Celebrate your child’s birthday with a sweet treat for all their friends, use at a house party for a stylish dessert option, or bring out at a milestone event like a 21st or wedding anniversary to toast the sweetest person you know.

With 5 elegant tiers and a sturdy commercial grade build, this is the focal point for any event.

Simply set up, watch your chocolate melt before your eyes, and enjoy. We recommend chocolate fondue with fruit, bananas, marshmallows and anything else that looks like it would taste incredible dripping with Cadbury’s finest.

After all, life’s too short not to dip everything in chocolate.

Our chocolate fountain rental is all inclusive:

  • 5-tiered fountain
  • Easy to use instructions
  • 50 bamboo skewers (FREE)
  • 1.5 kilograms of premium Cadbury chocolate (FREE)
  • Vegetable oil (FREE)

A chocolate fondue surprise is simple with Eltham Kids Party Hire.

Don’t forget to use these chocolate fountain tips and tricks

A gorgeous fountain dripping with melted milk chocolate is a quick and affordable way to guarantee people remember your party. Keep in mind the following tips and tricks to make sure you’re the talk of Eltham for all the right reasons.

✔ Pick your location carefully

Your chocolate fountain will be a hit with party guests so avoid setting up anywhere with busy foot traffic. Watch out for A/C, swinging doors and dance floors to avoid accidental bumps that make your choc tower tilt over like the Tower of Pisa.

✔ Be careful setting up outdoors

It’s tempting to put the fountain outside but you risk wind blowing melted chocolate on clean clothes, leaves and debris landing in the melted chocolate, or a sudden thunderstorm causing havoc. Chocolate and water don’t mix well so keep your fountain inside to avoid a Melbourne storm clogging the fountain.

✔ Pick a sturdy & level surface

A fountain set up on a flat surface will create the most eye-catching and awesome flow from the top tier to the bottom. When your melted chocolate flows evenly from top to bottom and around each side you’ll create the most visually spectacular look.

Our choc fountain deals are delicious with three (3) days hire for the price of one (1).

Take home the ultimate Instagram moment

With a choc fountain on your side, your party has the ‘WOW’ factor that can’t be matched.

Get ready to be the talk of the parents at pre-school, the star of the primary school pick-up, or the coolest party host in Melbourne. Perfect for social media selfies, you don’t see a chocolate fountain at every party – making your party one of a kind.

Why not take your Instagram and Facebook pics to the next level with a professional smoke machine , hilarious photo booth  and outdoor games .

Dunk anything you want in the free-flowing gooey goodness and snap a picture. Or, provide a delicious array of dunkable treats for your guests to mix and match.

Chocolate and biscuits? Chocolate and cheese? Chocolate and your finger when no one is looking?

With a fountain of melted chocolate it’s totally up to you!

Chocolate Fountain Rental – TEST OUR UNBEATABLE DEAL

All Chocolate Fountains are available for THREE (3) days hire for the price of ONE (1)

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